Family Tree Starter Kit
Your guide to free family tree sources
for charts, forms, software and family searches
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Visual Family Tree
Share Your Family History On-Line.
Just choose which individuals you want to include and the web page will be created in seconds.
Sample Web Pages:
Royal Pets Family

Family Tree Free Database Sources
Build your tree with free access to 600 million names already compiled by previous researches.

Relationship Table
Chart show how two people are related. Find relationship to common ancestor. For relationships up to ten generations.

Family Tree
Search Engines

Improve your results. Optimized searches setup for your needs. Search thousands of records in seconds.

Soundex Generator
Soundex turns a name into a phonetic code. Use this to research the name in US census records and steamship passenger manifests.

Start Your Family Tree
Preserve Your Family Legacy. With Visual Family Tree you can build and share your family tree. Using your personal computer and the Internet you can now search library records, steamship ledgers, government files and cemetery ledgers at no cost and from the convenience of your own home.
1. Record Fill in the names of your family. Start with your name then add your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. Your tree is started.
2. Research Just point and click to search for distant and lost family members in the most productive free Internet sites.
3. Create Visual Family Tree uses your information to create personalized family tree charts, web pages, and a variety of filled in forms and reports.
4. Share Share your family tree charts and reports with your family and friends.
 Optimized Internet
Genealogy Searcher
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Your Free Family Tree Starter Kit
1 Click on each item below to open a new window. Then print one or more copies.
Getting Started: How to start, organize your research and record your results.
Google Search Tips: Search Tips and Techniques for Online Research.
Relationship Table: Shows how two people are related to each other.
Family Tree Chart: Fill in four generations of ancestors for your tree.
Family Group Record: Show details for all family members of a family.
Personal Record: Record important detail for each family member.
Correspondence Log: Keep track of people you have contacted.
Source Summary: Record the location where you found information.
Progress Schedule: Record when and what you have researched.
Computer Software: Program to record and organize your research.
Start With Yourself
2 To start your family tree first record birth and marriage dates and places about yourself and other close family members. Then work backwards. Next, contact older family members for family information. Ask specifically for maiden names, birth, marriage and death dates and places.
Fill-in Your Family Tree Ancestral Chart
3 Write all the information on family tree ancestral charts. Fill in vital events such as birth, marriage, death and burial next to each person's name. When finished you will be able to see which ancestors are missing and what information you still need to find.
Talk to Family Members and Relatives
4 Talk to your aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents in more distant families to find new information and to verify what you already know. Prepare questions such as when and where your ancestors came from. Fill in a Family Group Record form for each family. This shows the husband and wife plus all children. It enables you to keep track of the entire family. Use the Personal Record form to record extensive information for a person.
Use Research Done by Others
5 Other family historians may have already completed the research for you. There are more than 600 million names in user submitted genealogies and family trees available to you. Additional compiled sources include family histories, pedigree charts and biographies. Continue your research by using these name indexes and records compiled by previous researchers.
On-Line Databases
6 With your personal computer and the Internet you can now search library records, steamship ledgers, government files, cemetery ledgers at no cost and from the convenience of your own home. Visual Family Tree contains links to the best and most productive free Internet databases. Just point and click to search for distant and lost family members.
Click here to access list of free on line databases.
Access Original Records
7 After checking compiled sources to see what has already been done by other researchers begin researching original records. Original records include birth, death and marriage records, city directories, church records, census schedules, probate records, court records and military records. You should do your research with original records whenever possible.
Genealogy Computer Software
8 A computer program is an excellent tool for organizing and saving your family history and search results. A genealogy software program such as Visual Family Tree which is available to you at no cost simplifies the process of building your family tree. It stores your information in an organized genealogical data file. Any individual or family can quickly be added, found or modified. It can also make family tree web pages and print copies of your research results.
Click here to download Visual Family Tree Maker
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