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    Genealogy Search Engine Generator
Improve your search results. Complete this small family tree below for an ancestor.
Click Submit and this site uses what you entered to set up the best searches for you.
     First Name      Last Name (Required)     Father     Last Name
  Mother   Last Name
     Place of Birth, Death or Residence
Press the Submit button to generate
your optimized Google searches.
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   Google Optimized Genealogy Searcher
Enter the name of a deceased relative. For best results enter the most uncommon name. Add a city name or spouse's last name (maiden) for more precise results.
Enter Grandparent's Name and Click Search             
    Genealogy Surname Website Search
Search for web pages that contain a word
such as a surname in the web page title.
For best results enter the most uncommon name.
Enter Grandparent's Last Name and Click Search
   Family Tree File Search
Search for gedcom files that includes any surname, location or other text. These are family tree files that have not been converted to a web page format.
Enter Grandparent's Name or Location and Click Search
    Genealogy Pictures and Image Search
Search for pictures of ancestors, descendants, homes, churches, schools, tombstones, deeds, landmarks, immigrant ships, wills and other documents.
Enter Last Name or Item Name and Click Search
   Genealogy Word Definition Searcher
Find the meaning for antiquated disease names, such as dropsy, acronyms found on old documents and obituaries and old-fashion names for occupations.
Enter Word to Define and Click Search                  
    Access Google USA Street Maps
Find the location houses, churches, schools
and other ancestral addresses.
Enter USA Address, City and State or Zip                  
    Genealogy Blog Search
Search for ancestors, genealogy topics and locations. A genealogy blog is a type of website with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events and other material. Readers can post questions and comments.
Enter Last Name or Ethnic Group and Click Search
    Genealogy Current News Search
Search Google News for current obituaries or for stories about long-lost relatives, unknown cousins, or relatives in the armed services. Use the left column on the Google search results page to limit results by date.
Enter Last Name and Click Search                  
    Google Web Page Translator
Enter web site to translate in box below. Then click Translate button. A new window will open and you will be able to select the languages.
    Google Video Search
Search Google videos for short videos
made by family members.
Enter Last Name or Search Topic and Click Search
    Scholar Literature Search
Search for scholarly literature. Theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, universities and other sites.
Enter Last Name or Search Topic and Click Search
   Digitized Google Book Search
Search the full text of books that Google has digitized. These include genealogy, history, military
and other books, plus municipal reports.
Enter Last Name or Location and Click Search      
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