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Visual Family Tree Maker
Your guide to free family tree sources
for charts, forms, software and family searches
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Web Site Maker
Share Your Family History on-line.
Just choose which individuals you want to include and the web page will be created in seconds.
Sample Web Pages:
Royal Pets Family

Family Tree Free Database Sources
Build your tree with free access to 600 million names already compiled by previous researches.

Create Wall Charts
Wall charts shows the root person and his descendants or ancestors from up to twelve generations.

Relationship Table
Chart show how two people are related. Find relationship to common ancestor. For relationships up to ten generations.

Family Tree
Search Engines

Improve your results. Optimized searches setup for your needs. Search thousands of records in seconds.

Family Tree
Starter Kit

Shows how to start, Google search tips, family tree charts, what to look for and keeping organized.

Soundex Generator
Soundex turns a name into a phonetic code. Use this to research the name in US census records and steamship passenger manifests.

Relationship Calculator
This calculates the family relationship between two people who share a common ancestor.

Run From Flash
Take your family tree with you wherever you go. Save the program and data files to a flash drive. Take it anywhere. Plug it into another computer and you run directly from it.

Find Genealogy
Sources at Library

Many libraries have local census records, obituary notices and links to family trees and other sources.

No Installation: Load and Go
Copy uncompresed downloaded files to flash drive and program is ready to run.
If not sure how to uncompress or copy files - Use instructions below.
  Select Version and Download
Both versions use the same data files and give identical results.
Visual Family Tree Maker Vista Family Tree Maker Both Programs Combo
Runs on:
Windows- XP or later
Supports: All Western European accents
Englsh Only
Requires: Windows
Updated: Mar. 12, 2016
Runs on:
Windows, McIntosh, Linux
Supports: All languages, Russian, Chinese, etc.
Display: Translated
into 25 languages
Requires: Java
Updated: Mar. 12, 2016
Includes both Vista and Visual Family Tree Maker
Both are in same folder
and use same data files
Family trees created in one can be read in the other
Requires: Java & Windows
Updated: Mar. 12, 2016
  Open Storage Folder for Program
Select Storage Folder
Flash Drive My Documents or Public Documents
Insert flash drive in USB port

In the pop-up window select
"Open folder to view files"

If there is no pop-up click
on the Removable Disk icon
Click on the small triangle next to Documents
This adds Public and My Documents folders
Click on one of the document folders to open it
If upgrading, use folder or flash drive contining existing Visual Family Tree folder.
Items in the flash drive and Public Doctuemts are available to all users.
Programs in a documents folder read and write files faster and startup faster.
  Open the Downloads Folder
Click on Downloads.
This opens the downloads folder.
  Find the Downloaded File
Right click on
Visual Family Tree.
This brings up a menu.

Java Version shows
Vista instead of Visual
Use: Vista Family Tree.
  Unpack the Downloaded File
Click on "Open with" - Next, a sub-menu pops up.
Then click on "Windows Explorer" - Next, a new window opens.
  Copy Program to Storage Folder
The new window contains a folder and one or two files.
We will copy these items to the storage folder opened in step 2 above.
Click on either one of them, but hold the mouse button down.
While holding the button down, move the pointer to your storage folder.
Release the button at the storage folder. Copy the other items the same way.

Copying to Public Documents folder shown. Yours may be a different.
  Install Java Runtime Environment
Only needed for Vista Family Tree Maker
Skip to Step 8 if you are using Windows execution version.
Most Linux and McIntosh systems have Java already installed.
Click this link if you need Java. Install Java
Windows 32 bit systems use: jre-xxxx-windows-i586.exe
Windows 64 bit systems use: jre-xxxx-windows-x64.exe
The xxxx represents the version number.
  Start Family Tree Programs
Visual Family Tree Maker Vista Family Tree Maker
Double click on start program Shortcut

Programs in a documents folder may need
admin password first time it is started.
To run the family tree program, put the flash drive in a computer with Java, change to the "Vista Family Tree" folder then double click on the "VisFamTree.jar" file.

If this does not work, start a console text screen, change to the "Vista Family Tree" folder, then enter: java -jar VisFamTree.jar and press Enter key.
  Send Us an E-Mail
9 Send up your opinions, comments and suggestions to improve Visual Family Tree.
Let us know if something is not working or if you get unexpected results.
We appreciate all opinions and will send you an email when problem is resolved.
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