Ancestors and Descendants
    of the Royal Pets Family

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Surname and Given Names Birth and Death Dates Birth Place
Armstrong-Jones, Anthony
Armstrong-Jones, Arthur1999
Armstrong-Jones, Lady Sarah, Sarah1964
Armstrong-Jones, Samuel1996
Bowes Lyon, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite4 Aug 1900   d. 29 Mar 2002
Chatto, Daliel
Ferguson, Duchess of York, Sarah Margaret15 Oct 1959Marylebone, London, England
Kelly, Autumn3 May 1978
Laurence, Commander Timothy Laurence, Timothy1 Mar 1955
Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth "Kate"9 Jan 1982Reading, Berkshire, England
Mountbatten, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary8 Aug 1988Portland Hospital, London
Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, Philip10 Jun 1921
Mountbatten, Duke of York, Andrew Albert Christian Edward19 Feb 1960Buckingham Palace, London
Mountbatten, Earl of Wessex, Edward Anthony Richard Louis10 Mar 1964Buckingham Palace, London
Mountbatten, Eugenie Victoria Helena23 Mar 1990
Mountbatten, Lady Louise, Louise8 Nov 2003Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, England
Mountbatten, Princess Royal, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise15 Aug 1950Clarence House, Westminster, London
Mountbatten, Viscount Severn, James17 Dec 2007Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, England
Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla17 Jul 1947
Phillips, Mark Anthony Peter22 Sep 1948Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Phillips, Peter15 Nov 1977St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London
Phillips, Zara15 May 1981St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London
Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex, Sophie20 Jan 1965Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford
Spencer, Princess of Wales, Diana Frances1 Jul 1961   d. 31 Aug 1997Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Stanhope, Serena
Viscount Lindey, Charles Patrick1999
Viscount Lindey, David1961
Viscount Lindey, Margarita Elizabeth2002
Windsor, Duke of Cambridge, William21 Jun 1982St Mary's Hospital, London
Windsor, Harry15 Sep 1984St Mary's Hospital in West London
Windsor, King of the United Kingdom, George VI14 Dec 1895   d. 6 Feb 1952Sandringham House
Windsor, Margaret Rose21 Aug 1930   d. 8 Feb 2002Glamis in Scotland
Windsor, Prince of Wales, Charles Philip Arthur George14 Nov 1948Buckingham Palace
Windsor, Queen of England, Elizabeth || Alexandra Mary21 Apr 192617 Burton St., London, W1
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