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Tools for successful genealogical research and development.
Use free genealogical search engines. Build your family tree.
Record research. Print ancestral charts. Ceate web page files.

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Free Family Tree Computer Software
Create, print, share your family tree with Visual Family Tree, the #1 free family tree maker program.

Start Your Family Tree
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Preserve Your Family Legacy. Using your personal computer and the Internet you can now search library records, steamship ledgers, government files and cemetery ledgers at no cost and from the convenience of your own home.
1. Record Fill in the names of your family. Start with your name then add your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. Your tree is started.
2. Research Just point and click to search for distant and lost family members in the most productive free Internet sites.
3. Create Visual Family Tree uses your information to create personalized family tree charts, web pages, and a variety of filled in forms and reports.
4. Share Share your family tree charts and reports with your family and friends.
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Ace Your Next Spanish Test
    For French and German Students Also
Spanish ExamCram | French ExanCram | German ExamCram | Free Online Games
Get Better Grades If you want better grades you need to be aware that vocabulary proficiency is essential. The most powerful tool for learning vocabulary are simple flashcards with English on one side and Spanish, French or German on the other side.
Learn More in Less Time The Spanish (French and German also) ExamCram program built into World Languages Lab uses electronic flashcards when at the computer and paper flashcards you print for use when you are somewhere else. Use the paper flashcards to turn wasted time into productive study time. The key is to always have a few cards with you.     System requirements: Window XP
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